Project:  Vehicle Half Wrap

Client: Cubbie

The appearance and distinctive branding of your vehicle or fleet of vehicles visually describes and subconsciously relays the quality and reliability of the services you provide to your everyday market, and the type of business your are or have become. image is everything!
Half and half car wraps allow you to wrap only half of your vehicle in vinyl graphics. Wrapping only half of your vehicle, rather than wrapping the whole thing, can be ideal depending on your preferences, budget, and the needs of your project. Using vehicle wraps for mobile advertising has a higher return on investment than other advertising channels for both large and small businesses. Plus it can be much more affordable.
For companies, using their fleet as a mobile billboard is an essential part of the marketing strategy. With up to ± 30,000 impressions per day depending on the location, you are guaranteed to create leads — especially with bold colors, letterings, and messages that catch on.

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