Client: Théa Pharma


3d letters with halo effect is a great way of adding visual impact to your signage and to your business premises. For our halo illuminated letters we take 3D or built up lettering and fit it with LED modules that create a halo of illumination that is reflected behind the lettering. You can order lettering in a range of materials polystyrene, acrylic, aluminium or foamex each of which offers a variety of finishes. It’s also possible to determine the exact size of your letters as well as the depth of each letter. The LED modules that we use are high bright and low wattage to ensure great illumination at very reasonable running costs. Available deep of the letters ranges from 10 to 120 mm.

Théa Pharma was introduced in 2018 in Ireland and within only a year managed to earn the trust of Opthalmologists, Pharmacists and Consumers all around the country and become their #1 choice for Eye Care.